What We Do

We are a home phone and internet reseller. This means we can offer you services at a lower rate and on better terms. We offer affordable Unlimited monthly internet, and affordable monthly home phone services. 


Home Phone

 Affordable home phone service


*Price for MONTHLY service. Not including phone features.

*One time activation fee of $39.99


UNLIMITED monthly internet service.
Download & Upload speeds are dependent on 
location. One price - any speed! 


*No hidden fees, or cancellation fees.

*One time activation & installation fee 





*Price reflects Basic phone service (no features) and our unlimited internet 

Phone Features

Call  Display

Call Waiting

4 Features FLEX bundle

We also offer Call Answer, Call Forwarding, Call Privacy, Call Return, Call Screening, Conference Calling and more!  Call us to find out about more personal & business phone line features.





HUB 1000/2000/3000 

Simple to use and set up modem with wi-fi capability. 


BRING YOUR OWN MODEM - Link your current DSL/Fibe Internet modem to our servers. 


One-on-One Support

Because we are a small company, we get to know our clients! If ever our clients have an issue or need to update their services, they know that they can count on us for fast, reliable, one - on - one Ontario wide support.

We're happy to help connect you!