September Window Display

In our community of North Grenville we welcome the International Plowing match September 20th - 24th, in showcasing our community spirit and support we wanted to share some of our culture and history that is intertwined in agriculture. 

We selected three animals that are rooted in the seven sacred teachings. According to our elders, their roots date back to the beginning of time. These teachings impact our surroundings, along with providing guidance toward our actions to one another.  They are the basic rules that govern our individuality, our family life and our community life.

The Turtle: Truth

Truth, as represented by the turtle is a reminder that he was here during the creation of Earth and carries the teachings of life on his back. The turtle lives life in a slow and meticulous manner as he understands the importance of both the journey and the destination. 

The Beaver: Wisdom

Wisdom, representing the ongoing learning and knowledge of the land. The Beaver encourages you to continuously observe the life of all things around you.  Listen with clarity and a sound mind.  Respect your own limitations and those of all of your surroundings.  Allow yourself to learn and live by your wisdom. 

The Eagle: Love

Love, representing the devotion and kindness we hold for our community and the land that supports us. The Eagle reminds us that to know love... is to know peace, and that we should hold love and admiration for all things around us. 


September 30th is dedicated to truth and reconciliation in Canada.
Share your path to reconciliation with us: [email protected]