What's New in the Neighbourhood

Learn about your services, how to make the most out of your internet & landline, and some updates from us at A Neighbourhood Connection.

2022 In Review 

The last year has been a new chapter as we expanded into cable internet, and met some new faces along the way. Part of what makes our day to day operations positive is getting to know each new person who connects like a neighbour! 

We learned some new vocabulary, heard your stories, had some laughs and shared some tears. Often we are working one on one with customers like you finding innovative solutions that fit everyones needs, that's because we understand just like services can vary, day to day life isn't the same for everyone. While we continue to learn and grow each day our focus has always been keeping our services and team personal, because we know that quality customer service and speaking to a real human is at its core - the right thing to do. 

Whether you've been with us since we opened in 2005 or have just begun to connect, we are there when you need us. Thank you for making 2022 so special for us, and look forward to making more connections with you!

Using the Internet to Connect

Across the world millions of people every single day use the internet to connect with friends, connect with neighbours, connect with family or even to do their jobs! The last couple of years as we navigated a global pandemic have been an even bigger driving force for us here at A Neighbourhood Connection. We know it's only fitting to be helping people connect with their friends, family and loved ones online. In this post were sharing some of the ways you connect and some of the tools that we use as well! 

1. Facebook (FREE)

Facebook is used by millions of users worldwide to stay in touch. After creating a profile you can search for your friends and begin sharing, users share updates and photos to their feeds by making posts, message each other using the messenger app, and commenting on their friends posts. (You can even find us here by searching for ANC Phone)

2. Email (FREE)
This may be considered old-school but many people still rely on it as a way to keep in touch. It's name, Email or "Electronic Mail" is a throwback to the traditional mail you'd pick up from the post office - instead its just online. Some of the most recognized providers are Google with Gmail, Hotmail, and Microsoft with Outlook. As long as you know the email of the person you're sending to, you can share things like messages, images, documents and links. Often this is the option for low data usage as the actual size of the file you're sending electronically is very small.

3. Discord (FREE)
You may not have heard of Discord before or think of it as a platform used outside of teenagers gaming, but its a great messaging platform! We like it because you can call through it, video call, text through it, send GIFs, documents and more. Its easy to get in touch with people and once you set up your profile and invited your friends you can all join a server together (in other words a group chat). This is also great if you and your friends have different cellphones - like apple and android, all of the chat feed is in one spot.

Some other notable ways to keep in touch: Zoom, Google Meet, Instagram, Snapchat. 

However you like to connect theres usually benefits to whatever platform you choose, if you find one you like and want to say hello just let us know! 

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